5 January 2014

New Year New Goals - Exercise

One of my goals this year is to lose weight and become a lot healthier.  Last year I was pregnant with Sophia so had a good mix of foods and lots of those were unhealthy ones.  I lacked doing exercise when I was pregnant I suffered from awful pelvic pains and couldn't even swim because of it, even walking hurt most of the time.

So this year I am aiming to do lots of walking, I take Abigail to school on the bus in the mornings which usually takes 20 minutes so am now aiming to walk home from dropping her 2 to 3 times a week, plus this is also good for Sophia to get the fresh air.  The gym just isn't for me right now, I had a c section nearly 6 months ago and I don't think my body is fit enough yet to endure a workout so I think walking is the first step to me toning up & trying to swim at least once a week.  One thing I need to buy before I start my walking is a new pair of trainers I threw out my old ones about 2 years ago and have never replaced them! I find the sports shops so expensive for trainers so I am going to shop online to see if I can get a decent pair for a cheaper price!

I shall let you all know how I get on this month with my exercise & eating habits.  Hopefully I shall have the willpower to stick to all of my goals.

What's your choice of exercise that helps you keep fit?

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  1. I am rubbish at keeping fit. The best thing for me is that Stacey's school is a long way away from where we live, and I always leave fetching her till the last minute as I hate standing outside in the cold, so I get a right power walk out of it lol!

    Louise x

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  2. Lol I think its a blessing sometimes that I don't drive as that would demotivate me even more, I really want to start power walking!!xx


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