2 September 2016

Natura Siberica - Royal Caviar Anti Ageing Skincare

Now when it comes to skincare I love to try out new products, my skin has changed so much over the years.  I went through my teenage years suffering from acne and quite sensitive skin that would flare up quite badly, I also think a poor diet and stress were also factors for this.  The when I got to my 20's it started to calm down, in all honesty I don't think I took great care of my skin growing up.  I always used to see my Mum every day applying her face creams and masks but it never really did appeal to me, as a teenager I had more important things to worry about (as you do!!) So back to my 20's my skin changed I started looking after it so much more than I used to and the acne started to disappear and I started to try out lots of different products.  As I've said in previous posts, cheaper high street brands never did really agree with me, I don't know why but my skin always agreed more with higher end products so I did used to end up spending a small fortune of my wages on skincare which was fine as I got myself into a really good routine and became beauty obsessed! 

A few weeks back I was sent a new range of products by Natura Siberica, from the Royal Caviar collection.  I had never heard of the brand before but after checking them out online the products looked pretty luxurious! 

The two products I received were the Beluga Caviar Revitalizing Face Serum & the Extra-Lifting Face Cream.  I've always used a serum after cleansing and toning, it gives your skin that extra bit of hydration and is always great for that extra little help with smoothing out those wrinkles!

I've had amazing results with both the serum and face cream with the active components in both of Siberian Caviar extract which helps smooth out wrinkles and reduces skin sagging by increasing the collagen density, these are definitely two products I will continue to use in my beauty routine.  My skin has been so much smoother and has had more of a glow since using both the products.  I think its great to start using anti ageing products once you hit your late 20's early 30's, we all get wrinkles and its great to have that little extra help from products like these to keep  the skin firm and hydrated.  My skin was particularly grateful for these when I came back from Italy a few weeks back my skin was so dry being exposed to the sun, the serum really helped, you can instantly feel it soaking into the skin so it really helped keep it hydrated.  

Another active component which is in the Serum is the Icelandic Moss which has anti inflammatory and antioxidant properties, of course these are great at maintaining the skin tone, so would be great for someone who suffered with sensitive skin.

Both products are amazing and I would definitely recommend using a serum before moisturising daily.  

If you don't already have a skincare routine then I would definitely recommend starting one!  Here's mine:
Make up remover (for the eyes), cleanse, exfoliate - I do this twice a week to get rid of any excess skin and to give my skin a boost! Tone, serum and moisturise.  I also use a mask once a week.  It really doesn't take up much time to do all of these and you will notice a real difference in the appearance of your skin!

You can find more about the Natura Siberica range online.  They also have a children's range which my girls have been trying so look out next week for our thoughts on that!

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26 August 2016


New immersive experience that celebrates the Cadbury singles range

As a big chocolate lover I was super excited when I heard about the Cadbury experience to celebrate singles range.  Even better that the experience is coming to London by the Southbank one of my favourite places to go in London.

The best thing about the Cadbury single range is that they are all under 250 calories,  which is great if you are watching those calories but don't want to cut out chocolate!!

If you're in and around London this bank holiday weekend then why not head over to check out the Cadbury experience for yourselves! Or, head to the shops and try out the singles range!

What:  Brand new Cadbury experience celebrates the Cadbury Singles range in five exciting rooms that bring each bar to life
Where: London Southbank, Wireless Festival, V Festival, Glasgow Summer Sessions
When: 2nd – 5th June in London Southbank/ 8 – 10th July Wireless Festival / 19th – 21st August V Festival / 27th – 28thAugust Glasgow Summer Sessions
Cost: Free for Southbank, tickets required for festival entry (free once inside)

Chocolate lovers are in for a treat as Cadbury has created a brand new immersive experience, giving fans the chance to experience five exciting rooms, all relating to different Cadbury chocolate bars. After walking through a giant mouth, guests will explore and get to know five of the chocolate bars –Cadbury Crunchie, Cadbury Double Decker, Cadbury Twirl, Cadbury Wispa and Cadbury Boost with fun activities inside each.

Step into the wonderful world of Cadbury Wispa where you’ll be surrounded by millions of the tiniest bubbles, jump on the giant slide as you exit the Cadbury Boost room, and get that Friday feeling, whatever day is, in the loud Cadbury Crunchie room, which will include live DJ!

The experience has opened in line with the new Cadbury singles campaign Obey Your Mouth, encouraging fans to focus on the taste sensation in each individual chocolate bar. So whether you are looking for something loud and crunchy or smooth that melts in your mouth, the Cadbury singles range has a treat available for everyone – and all the delicious Cadbury singles bar are also now under 250 calories.*

The Cadbury Obey Your Mouth House will be available to visit completely free of charge at London’s Southbank from the 2nd-5th June, and for lucky festival goers it will open its doors across the summer at Wireless, V Festival and Glasgow Summer Sessions.

To find out more visit www.facebook.com/CadburyUK or tweet us at @CadburyUK using #freethejoy.

9 August 2016

Skinny Tan - Summer Essentials

For years now I have been a tanning addict, there's nothing better than adding a touch of colour to your skin to give you that fresh looking glow.  Even Instant tans are fab if you need that extra touch when going out, I usually apply instant tan if I'm heading off for an evening out just to top off what I've got on already or if I've forgotten to tan the night before the instant is a complete life saver!

The past few weeks I have been using this fab product called Skinny Tan which until recently I hadn't heard of.  Now ladies, if you haven't already tried this then you are missing out, it is one of the best tans I have ever used and a little really does go a long way with this one, also leaving you streak free (nothing worse than a streaky tan)

I've been using the Skinny Tan Mousse which I can assure won't leave you disappointed!  I usually apply my tan at night after my bath to allow it to develop over night and then shower the next morning.  This really does leave you with a golden glow.  I always worry when I tan especially with new tans, that I will be left looking orange but that's definitely not the case with this one.  The Mousse is super easy to apply (always apply the tan with a tanning mitt ladies!) I top mine up once a week, depending on how dark I want to go.  Tans always make your skin a couple of shades darker than your natural skin tone so remember you don't need to go crazy, you can gradually build up the shade you wish to go.

Its natural active ingredients leave the skin feeling smooth and hydrated.

I've had so many compliments on how natural the tan looks.  What I also love about the Skinny Tan is that it doesn't leave that horrid smell once you've applied it, I've used tans in the past which have left a really strong smell & its really put me off of them.

The skinny Tan is exclusive to Superdrug and the Mousse 150ml bottle is priced at £21.99 which to me is a great price.

This is definately one that will stay in my collection as one of my top favourites.

The whole collection can be found over on the Superdrug or  Skinny Tan website.

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4 August 2016

Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi Wet & Dry - Summer Essestials

I'm a big sucker when it comes to anything beauty related, I love trying out new gadgets that make you feel and look fab!

I was recently kindly sent the new Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi Wet & Dry to try out.  I love to look after my feet all year round and make them look pretty especially as I practically live in sandals. I found that at the beginning of the Summer when I started wearing my sandals my feet were starting to get quite dry so the Express Pedi came at a good time!

The Express Pedi Wet & Dry is rechargable and cordless and can be used in the bath or shower, or dry.  Great for buffing away hard skin instantly.  You are left with lovely soft feet!

I'm currently awaiting for my foot spa to arrive so fill up my bath with shallow water and add the School foot soak which is lovely, I then use the Pedi my key areas for hard skin are usually around my heel area.  The roller ball on the Pedi is really smooth.

I finish off my treatment with the Scholl Serum which you only need a tiny amount and then a small amount of the Scholl Moisturiser.  These are fab for hydrating the skin and leaving a lovely soft smooth finish.

I usually use mine 3 times a week and my feet have been so much smoother and the hard skin has finally vanished!

The Velvet Smooth Express Pedi Wet & Dry is a must have for this Summer (& also Winter months)

The Scholl product range can be found over on their Website and is priced at £59.99 but is currently on offer in Superdrug,

Have you tried the Scholl products? If so what are your thoughts?