23 May 2016

Clarins SS16 Make Up

My make up collection is huge! But I tend to stick to the same brand with particular products especially when it comes to foundations, blushers and mascaras.  I must admit I am a bit of a make up snob and won't use a cheaper branded products when it comes to foundations especially.  I have tried cheaper brands in the past and they just haven't worked well with my skin at all.  Not that there is anything wrong with using a cheaper brands, if I found one that worked well for me then I would use it but over the years of trying many none of them have worked.  I think with products like eye shadows you can get away with using anything.  You could use a £5 eye palette and still get the same results as using a £30 one!
So back to my FAVE brand, Clarin's.  My previous make up post I talked about the SS16 collection and now I have a few more lovely products to tell you about.
The look I have gone for id say is quite natural with the colours I have used.
Included in my look I have used the:
Instant Concealer £22 - Now I can't rave enough about this product.  If you are looking for a product that hides dark circles or blemishes then this is the product for you.  The coverage on the concealer is amazing.  It has been a savour on the nights I have had broken sleep! 
The great thing about the product is that you only need a small dab. It smoothes nicely over the eye area without leaving the skin looking hydrated instead of dry. 
Tired Mum's this is a must have!!!
I love to wear a blush on top of my foundation so this Blush Prodige Illuminating Cheek Colour £27 is perfect.  Its not too harsh looking and gives a real natural glow on the cheeks.  The palette contains different shades and finishes so you can mix up and create either a natural daytime or evening look.
On my lips I am wearing the Rouge Éclat £20 lipstick this shade is lovely Nude Rose, perfect for the every day look if you love wearing a lippy that isn't too bring then this shade is the one for you.  The lipsticks are very hydrating which is good for me as I tend to suffer from dry lips.  The end result is great as I don't get left with that dry cracked look! Very smooth and natural.
The other product featured in the photo above is the Liquid Bronze Self Tanning Lotion which I will be doing a separate post of later this week which will be featuring my favourite tanning products!
*Foundation used is MAC Studio Fix
*PR samples

22 May 2016

Clarins Multi Active Day & Night Creams

I have become quite the beauty junkie over the years, my ever growing collection of creams, body lotions, oils, and make up is huge.  I am spoilt for choice in what to use, but I do have my beauty faves that I use on a daily basis.

Today I will be talking about a luxury brand that I use daily and that I have done for many years now.  I actually used to work as a beauty consultant for them many many years ago (before I hit my early 20's) god that seems to long ago! Anyway, this fab brand is Clarins.  I cannot begin to tell you how much I adore this brand, skincare and make up they always make me look and feel fab.  

Clarins are well known for using plant extracts in their products, and we all know how good naturally based products are for the skin and the benefits they bring.  

This is where Clarins have carefully chosen an organic plant extract called Myrothamnus to cleverly boost the Multi Active Day Cream.  Myrothamnus is a South African plant which has the ability to tolerate extremely dry conditions.  So during the dry season the plant's cells product a substance called trehalose which allows them to rehydrate.  Genius right!? So this helps protect our dermal cells from harmful effects of stress which we all suffer at some points in our life or some on a daily basis. It also prevents cell ageing and makes fine lines visibly smoother and skin appears more toned.

I have been using the cream for just over a month now (I wanted to test for a few weeks to see if I could notice a difference in my skin) and do I trust this product? Totally! 

I have used my Multi Active Day Cream every morning and my skin has visibly improved, it feels lovely and smooth, my fine lines don't appear as harsh as they did when I first started using the cream, I just generally have a better glow about me.  I have used many creams in my time and I can honestly say this is one of the best.

So to assist the Day Cream is the Multi Active Night Cream.  The plant extract used in the night cream is an extract called Californian Poppy.  A flower that closes at night to regenerate itself.  So you can imagine how good this is especially for tired looking skin.  If you've had a late night, or broken sleep then we all know the effects it can have on our skin making it look dull.  The Californian Poppy is helping give that boost at night to regenerate the skin whilst were sleeping and keep it glowing and give it that extra boost.

Both products are fab.  So if you suffer from tired looking skin, and are looking for a great anti ageing product then the Multi Active Day and Night Creams are definitely one's I would recommend. 

Well done to Clarins for yet again creating two must have creams!

Multi Active Night Cream (normal to combination skin) £44

*PR samples - All thoughts are my own 

20 May 2016

How to save yourself money when shopping online

We are all guilty of having a little spending spree now and again, and then regretting it afterwards buying things that we didn't actually need or spending more than we could afford.
I am definitely one of these people who never ever budgets.  I really need to start making to do lists and budgeting each week on the food shop and cutting out things we don't actually need.

Here are a couple of ways I will be budgeting this year

Wait Until The Sales
This is what I'm planning on doing before I start my holiday shopping for when I go away in the Summer.  I have seen so many nice outfits and bikinis that I want, but I know come July they are all going to be in the sales to make way for the arrival of Autumn collections.  So why pay full price when I can wait a couple of months and get my bits for half the price or less.

Look For Discount Sites
There's a great site called Everyday Is Black Friday which is a unique deal finder personal project and a lifetime dream, arisen from the frustration of the current online shopping process. The UK's one and only price drop detector.
There are 150 retailers indexed, with over 1.7 million products in the database, and the number is growing everyday.
Such a great site to use to save yourself spending more than you need.

How do you budget your money, I would love to know!

12 May 2016

Spring Style with Helly Hansen

(firstly please excuse the slight blur in my photos)

Spring is upon us, Summer is not far away and the rain.....well yes that's still here! 

What a strange few weeks of weather we have been having, mini heat waves then muggy humid down pours of rain. 

Definitely not a good look when you've just washed and dried your hair and then go out in the rain to get major frizz happening! So you can imagine I was jumping for joy when Helly Hansen offered to send me one of their raincoats to keep me dry this Spring.

I went for the Wesley raincoat.  I actually already own a raincoat but its so thin I'm surprised it keeps me dry at all!! I was delighted when the Wesley arrived, the quality of the coat is great, and it doesn't look like your standard boring raincoat.  

Being a Mum who is constantly on the go, and who doesn't drive this coat has been a complete dream when its been pouring bucket loads and I've had to do the school run, nursery pick up or just general everyday outings its kept me very dry, and warm.  

It definitely is what it says on the description - Waterproof, wind proof and breathable.

I've had lots of compliments on the raincoat so as well as doing the job of keeping me dry it also is look super trendy too! 

The Wesley is priced at £130 and available on the Helly Hansen website in a range of different colors, you can also find their full coat range over on their site. (I'm wearing size Medium)

Next up I was sent the Oslofjord White Canvas shoes.  I've been looking around for a pair like these for the Spring/Summer and have to tell you how super comfy they are, they also look great teamed up with a pair of skinny jeans, leggins, or even a casual styled dress or skirt.

They do get dirty quite quickly but then that's always the risk when you have white shoes! Luckily I have been able to wash these in the machine on a 30 degree wash and they have come out like new (& they didn't shrink!) 

I'm always on the go in these, so along with the comfort factor they are simply stylish.  

The canvas shoes £45 are available in 3 other colours and can be found on the HH website.

*PR samples