25 June 2016

All Aboard The Good Ship Benefit, Review

One warm Friday evening the Mother and I headed on board The Good Ship Benefit which, is located along the Victoria Embankment.  We glammed ourselves up for an evening of beauty treatments and wine! (A rare treat for a Mummy of 2!)

The ship itself is huge, the outside looks super glam with its pink and white decor! We headed inside to the Pink Parlour which was super glam & very girlie, everything a girl could want for a glitzy evening out.  We had our own table reserved for us which was a nice little treat, and an even better surprise when we were treated to a bottle of Champagne to enjoy for the evening, it certainly went down a treat and was a fab start to the evening.

The bar at the Pink Parlour is fab, you have a great view of the Thames & the London Eye, their was a lovely grand piano which added that extra glam touch to the parlour! So whilst sipping on our champagne, we had so much fun testing out the photo booth onboard which snaps the photo's directly to your Twitter account! A fun start to the evening whist we waited for our treatments.

Mum was booked in for a 'Make Upper' and I was booked in for a Brow treatment.  I was super excited about having my brows done as quite honestly I don't have much brow! Many years ago when I was studying beauty at college I let one of the students wax my brows, at the time my brows were lovely and thick but by the time she had finished with me, I ended up with hardly any.  I could have cried at the time as I think the eyebrows make up so much of a persons face.

So, my lovely brow consultant on board the ship talking me through what she was going to do, firstly there was no point in having a wax and there wasn't much to wax off, so she stuck to doing a brow tint, we discussed colours and went for a mid brown, I've had tints before so knew what to expect, the treatment itself is over in no time, after the tint she then proceeded to fill in my brows and all the parts where I am actually suppose to have hair and don't (as it hadn't grown back!) 

Let me just say, this lady worked magic on my brows, for the first time I had thick full lovely shaped brows! (products used were the Gimme Brow Gel and the Brow Zings) I have never been able to get my brows the way I wanted them, I honestly did not think it would be possible with products, but I was blown away at how perfect she made them!  My treatment lasted about 20 minutes.

My Mum was up next for her Make Upper, her consultant went through a quick consultation before working her magic on my Mum! Her Make Upper looked gorgeous and my Mum left looking super glam and glowing.

After our treatments we decided to go on the top deck for dinner, the restaurant is gorgeous and the view is even better! We enjoyed our meal inside, whilst others enjoyed the evening sitting on the outer deck.

The food was absolutely amazing and the staff we very attentive and service was fab!

If you are after an day or evening out with the girls (or guys!) then the Good Ship Benefit is 100% a place to head to, whether it be for drinks, dinner or a beauty treatment (or all three!) 

The atmosphere is amazing, I would highly recommend the Good Ship Benefit....

Thank you Benefit for such an great evening!

*We were treated to a complimentary bottle of champagne and treatment in exchange for an honest review.

22 June 2016

Our Visit To The Sky Studios at The O2

We were recently invited to The Sky Studios at The O2, London to celebrate the New Sky Kids App. 

I hadn't been to The O2 for years and the girls were really excited as it was their first time going, I also took along my Niece and Sister In Law to enjoy the day with us.

We were invited to travel to The O2 via the Thames Clippers boats which was even more exciting for the girls, so boarded along the Southbank just next to the London Eye and made our way to The O2, if you haven't already experienced the Thames Clipper River Bus then you should really hop on for a ride, they depart every 20 minutes and the boats are spacious with a Costa coffee bar on board which is great & also toilets which is so handy especially when travelling with children! (especially at the potty training age!)  We were given the Family River Roamer ticket which is unlimited hop-on/hop-off ticket great for exploring the River Thames especially on a lovely Summer's day. The girls absolutely loved their ride to and from The O2.

Arriving at The O2 we headed straight for The Sky Studios, which is located over 2 floors the first floor is made up of two rooms, the first where you can go and have your photos taken with different backgrounds, the girls loved this and we spent quite a while trying out all of the backgrounds! We were given a card to scan which saves the photo's and you can then go onto the Sky website and download photos.
Also on the first floor is the Sky Newsroom, which is fun for taking photos or reading the news! Its all very realistic which makes it even more fun for the kids (& adults too!!)

Heading up to the second floor was the girls favourite, there were massive interactive walls which the girls loved touching.  We then headed to the room where the girls could try out the new Sky Kids App, I loved how bright and colourful everything was in this room, it had a huge Ben & Holly's Little Kingdom set with huge cut outs of all the characters and cute little tables and stools for the children to sit down and do colouring and stickers.  The girls also got to try out the kids app on the iPads, Sophia and her Cousin Nancy enjoyed watching their favourite Peppa Pig! And Abi spent quite a while exploring the app to see what was on for older children.  The app was really easy to navigate and the girls loved it.  You have to be a Sky TV customer to use the app at home, but there are options to have more than one profile which is great if you have more than one child and also filtering for different ages, which is great especially with my two as Abi sometimes likes to watch slightly older kids cartoons & shows.  There is also great safety features too which is always important.

You can head over to the Sky website to find out more about the Sky Kids App.

To then end their fun at The Sky Studios Chase and Marshall from Paw Patrol came out to greet all the very excited children. The girls got to meet Marshall and give him a big hug.

To top off our great day at The O2 we were treated to a lovely lunch at Pizza Express with The O2 PR & a few other bloggers a lovely end to a fun day!

Thank you to The O2 & to Thames Clippers for such an enjoyable day!

7 June 2016

The Body Coach 90DAYSSSPLAN Cycle 1, Week 1 Update

I have been meaning to start a fitness section on my blog for a while now but never got around to writing anything up so I thought now would be the perfect time.  Its Summer, people are looking to change their eating habits and start exercising to get themselves beach ready!

When I got into the whole fitness thing (last Summer) I heard about The Body Coach and how great his plan is! I had no idea who he was so I started following him on Instagram and Twitter to see what all the fuss was about.  I followed him for a good few months before I considered signing up, seeing peoples graduation photos and all his yummy quick meals really gave me a kick up the arse to want to sign up to his 90DAYSSSPLAN.  I had been doing HIIT's at the gym so now became familiar to what they were, and how much I hate burpees!!! (I may hate them but they are a great fat burner)

What is the 90DAYSSSPLAN? & Why Am I doing it?
Its an online fitness and nutrition plan for men and women of all fitness levels who want to get fit, get educated about the right foods to eat, and who want to burn body fat and build lean and mean muscle! Everyone's plan is individually tailored to suit them, filled with lots of delicious quick and easy recipes.  You also get your very own support hero who is there for any questions you may have about your plan.  My support hero, Nechama has been amazing and has answered everything I needed to know so far.

Cycle 1 consists of 20/25 minute HIIT's, so high intensity short bursts which are the best fat burners.  The recipe's are delicious and there are so many to choose from for training and rest days.

So I originally signed up in December, started cycle 1 a few weeks before Christmas and completely stuck to the plan until mid cycle 2 I had to have an emergency operation so that completely threw me off plan and I knew that I couldn't train for 6 weeks so I decided to restart when I felt 100% ready.  I have to say that the short time I done the plan back then my results were fab so I'm very excited as to how I will be looking at the end of this whole plan (like a proper little leanie I hope!!)

So last week I resubmitted all measurements to my support hero and started Cycle 1, I hadn't food prepped but had done my whole food shop and written out my weekly plan as to what I would be having for my first week.  The first few days were great, I was eating my three meals a day (plus snacks and lots of water) Then came a day out at the O2 with my girls, being a blogger I often get to go on press trips and days out/restaurants so the PR at the O2 treated me and the girls to a day out and lunch at Pizza Express, where I did go off plan and had the most amazing pizza! But I knew the next day I would be training my backside off.  The came the restaurant review I was booked to do in Borough Market at The Roast where I had a 3 course meal.  Did I feel #guilteeee for this, YES!

So out of the 7 days for my first week, I had two days off plan, that's not the best start BUT I am only human and I know for the rest of it that I will be sticking to food especially 100%.  I trained 5 out of those 7 days doing Joe's HIIT sessions at home from his YouTube channel and also going for a couple of runs.
I'm also a member of the British Military Fitness where we train outdoors in Bushy/Richmond Park so I will be combining that as a HIIT too, the sessions are sometimes torture so I know that they will be great to combine with the plan.

When I first started the plan I did think holy shizzle the portion sizes are BIG & sometimes used to struggle eating things but slowly I got used to the amount of good food I was eating.  So if you have just signed up don't get put off by the portion sizes & remember to weigh your ingredients  (as per weights in your plan) you will soon become a pro and won't have to use the scales as much!

If you haven't done a HIIT session before you will be sweating buckets at the end so be warned!! But also remember how good they are for you, getting the heart rate going and motivating the body. Think of all that body fat melting away!

I have to say that despite having two naughty days that I do feel great, the plan is designed to fuel your body with the foods that you need to give you energy and the HIIT's really do burn all that body fat.  The plan isn't a diet, it is a lifestyle change and has really educated me as to what is going into my body.  And those horrid burpees are defo worth doing when you get to scoff delicious protein pancakes at the end of your sessions.

My two Daughter's (who are 3 and 7) both eat some of the meals with me for dinner so its great that they are getting to taste all these different yummy recipes (& I don't have to end up making different dinners for them)

Monday night I decided to get my backside into gear and prep for a few days this week which I have to say has made life that whole lot easier, I would definitely recommend prepping for the week or for a few days.  I wish I had of done this last week but will be doing this every week throughout the plan (slap me if I don't!!)

So this lovely Mr Joe Wicks has changed the lifestyles of hundreds and thousands of different people around the world and now its my turn! I can't wait to share with you guys how I am getting on every week, I will be totally honest with how I am doing and at the end of each cycle will be sharing my photos and measurements.

Oh can I just say that Sunday I bumped into Joe (or should I say I saw him and ran straight over to say hi, sorry Joe!!) what a babe! That ended my week 1 perfectly.

His book Leanin15 is available at Amazon as is his second new book Leanin15 The Shape Plan which you can also pre order on Amazon.  

Details of the plan can be found over on The Body Coach website.

Thanks for reading guys and see you next week for my second weekly update!

You can also follow my journey on Instagram.

Emily xx

P.S All thoughts and opinions are my own, I have not been paid or asked to promote this plan.